DIN 1971


Ani de


Calitate Produce Calitate

MAȘINA SONMEZ, care își continuă serviciul cu succes din 1971, și-a luat locul în sector, conștient de calitatea și responsabilitățile sale de cercetare și dezvoltare din trecut până în viitor.

SONMEZ MACHINE Despre noi Remorcă

Having been continuing its service successfully since 1971 until today, Sonmez Makine has taken its place in the sector being aware of its reponsibilities on quality and R & D from the past towards the future.


Carrying on a professional family tradition, Sonmez Makine continued its way ahead with safe steps without losing its policy of reliability, high quality and innovation so that its reputation is never stained, and it created its success story peculiar to itself. Having started its initial production activities directed towards the carpentry sector, it continued later with the production of textile machines, the production of gear-boxes for sea vessels and nowadays it is continuing with pvc working machines.

As Sonmez Makine family, with the CE Certificate we received in 2004, the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certificate we received in 2005, and the ongoing procedures for GOST-R certificate, on this occasion, we are officializing the quality of our machines.

Our machines are continuing to be the reason for preference in Germany, Holland, Italy, France. Russia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Belarus, Каzakistan, Moldova, Тurkmenistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Algeria, Оmman, Dubai, Tunis and in many other countries to which we export our machines.

(Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, General Manager)
Quality Produces Quality

Thanks to the superior performance of the products we produce, we as Turkish citizens feel that we make the humanity to gain a step forward.

Without making any concession on our principles, we continue our way ahead with the following:
our capital; knowledge,
our principle; priority we give over the human being,
our quality; our machines,
our principle; always standing by our machines,
our promise; BECOMING A BIG STRONG FAMILY TOGETHER WITH YOU, OUR VALUABLE CLIENTS, having a secure past and a sound future under any economic circumstances.

Open to the world. Our vision has the power and determination to make the trademarks, which it produces through entrepreneurial spirit and courage, become ambitious both in Turkey and the world.

Is dynamic; places a high value on innovations; invests in research & development; rejects submissiveness and imitation.

Bears the sense of responsibility towards the society; gives priority to material and spiritual values.

Advances with secure steps on the way towards the future being aware of obtaining strength, experience and lessons from the past.

Believes that the key for success is working in an effective, disciplined and planned manner.

Adds value to its employees; gives opportunity for vocational training and development; rewards success.

Is respective, stable and strong; it is a straightforward and reliable institution.

Tries to be the best in any field that it performs activity. It focuses on the result. It makes no concession on the product and quality.

Possesses a participatory, fair and democratic management and an organization that has comprehended the necessity of institutionalization and that keeps on learning and is open to criticism.

Believes in the power of team spirit, joint synergy and communication in creating a peaceful working environment.

Is client-focused; and orientates its production by determining the requirements and expectations of the market.

Prizes cleanness and order; encourages thriftiness and opposes wasting.

Places a high value on humans; supports sharing; refuses egoism and greediness